Paying Out Of Pocket For Therapy

Paying Out Of Pocket For Therapy

Paying Out Of Pocket For Therapy

Is it possible to pay for therapy out of pocket? And what are the benefits of doing so? This post we’ll answer all your questions regarding out of pocket therapy.

Mental health is a priority no matter if you are covered by insurance or paying out of pocket. Getting support from loved ones or from Licensed Professional Counselors can make a big impact on your life and overall well-being.

Paying out of pocket gives you the most confidential care when you see a mental health counselor. When you see a counselor through your insurance, they are required to provide information to the company to justify the validity of the mental health services. This includes a psychiatric diagnosis but also may include your treatment plan, therapy notes, and the duration of the diagnosis. When this information is shared with your insurance company, the counselor has no further ability to control the dissemination of your mental health information. This means your psychiatric diagnosis becomes a part of your permanent record. Unfortunately for some, this may impact future health, life, disability benefits and premiums. If you become unemployed, self-employed, or need to purchase your own benefits, a record of psychiatric diagnosis can alter your coverage and premium costs.

When you pay out of pocket for mental health counseling, you have more options when it comes to your mental health counselor. You’ll be able to find the most qualified counselor for your particular concerns. This could lead to faster progress with your overall well-being, lower out of pocket costs, and fewer sessions. Another thing to note is that with many insurance companies their providers have a very high caseload meaning that a provider may not be able to provide high-quality care to you. At Therapeutic Self Care, we can assure that our providers are professional and offer equal care and attention to every patient no matter if their insurance covers the session or they pay out pocket.

Overall Benefits of Out of Pocket Therapy:

  • Your psychiatric diagnosis is kept confidential
  • Your choice for mental health counselors widens
  • No waiting list for patient acceptance
  • Costs may be lower in the long run
  • Some insurances reimburse out-of-network providers

Our Out Of Pocket Services

Therapeutic Self Care offers in-person and tele-health sessions in New Jersey. Our Licensed Professional Counselors and Behavioral Assistants are welcoming, understanding, and knowledgeable. At Therapeutic Self Care we believe in a holistic approach to your mental health, focusing on self-care exercises and supportive treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship counseling.

Our out of pocket costs are lower than other practices and our quality of care is second to none with a review rating of 5-Stars on Google.

Out of Pocket Costs:

  • $100/hr under 18’s
  • $130/hr with a Licensed Professional Counselor

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