How to Set SMART Goals to Improve your Mental Health

How to Set SMART Goals to Improve your Mental Health

How to Set SMART Goals to Improve Your Mental Health

A common practice in mental health counseling is goal setting. In therapy, goals focus on behaviors you want to change or a life milestone you hope to reach. At Therapeutic Self Care, our personalized sessions can provide you support in achieving your goals. SMART goals are also great for tracking your personal development, in and out of session. 

What is the SMART method?

The SMART method provides an organized approach to achieving your mental health goals. Always keep in mind the acronym when creating your goals. 

  • Significant 
  • Meaningful
  • Action-Oriented
  • Rewarding 
  • Trackable 

Tips for Mental Health Goals 

Frame Goals Positively 

When creating personal goals, framing them positively will help you stay motivated and reduce intrusive thoughts. 

Ex. Practice selfcare every single day

Positive self-talk takes you miles, which is why using a positive framework in your goals is most effective.

Be Precise 

Being precise in your goal setting can keep you on track and focus on what is important. 

When it comes to your mental health, it might be helpful to break your goals down into tiny pieces. If your goal is to successfully manage your anger, your smaller targets can be to identify your triggers or practice your coping skills. An even smaller step towards this goal could be to track your mood every day, which can help you identify your feelings. Being precise with your intentions for each step can give you an explicit plan for reaching your big picture goal.

Keep It Simple 

Keep your mental health goals simple. If you set a lofty goal, not only might you fall short of reaching that goal but you might also lose motivation along the way. Setting a goal like “Establish healthy relationships by processing through my early attachment and dealing with my trauma” is daunting – it’s three goals in one! Keep your goals simple so that they stay manageable.

Work with a Therapist 

Therapeutic Self Care brings a holistic approach to mental health with a focus on self care. Our supportive personalized sessions can help you achieve your mental health goals. 

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